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Подарок из денег на юбилей мужчине

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К чему снится подарок от мужчины конфеты

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How to create Dashcoin wallet?

  1. Download binaries on https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=698727.0
  2. Run infinium-8 and make sure it is synchronized with the blockchain
  3. Make sure that daemon is running
  4. Launch simplewallet with several arguments to create a new wallet. E.g.:
    simplewallet --generate-new-wallet=wallet_name.bin --pass=12345where “wallet_name.bin” is the file name for your new wallet, and “12345” is its password. Please, use “*.bin” file extension and make sure to use a strong password to protect your funds.
  5. The wallet is generated. In order to synchronize it with the blockchain and startusing your wallet use “refresh” command: refresh. This will start the wallet synchronization process. It may take some time to finish.
  6. When wallet is synchronized, you should use "save" or “exit” commands to save current progress.