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How to create Bytecoin wallet?

Download GUI or console wallet from http://bytecoin.org
  • For GUI wallet - just start it and wait until it"s synchronized with network.
  • For simplewallet
  • 1. Launch command line, navigate to Bytecoin's folder (e.g., “c:\bytecoin”)and launch “bytecoind” (Bytecoin daemon).

    cd c:\bytecoin

    The daemon will start synchronizing the blockchain with the Bytecoin network. This may take some time.

    2a. Open another instance of command line and navigate to Bytecoin’s folder. Generate new wallet with “simplewallet”.

    simplewallet --generate-new-wallet=example_wallet.bin --pass=12345

    Here “example_wallet.bin” is the name of the wallet and “12345” is the password for your new wallet.

    Wallet’s response:

    Type in “refresh” command and press Enter:


    The wallet will start synchronizing with the daemon:

    2b. Alternatively, you can open an existing wallet (instead of creating a new one).

    simplewallet --wallet-file=example_wallet.bin --pass=12345

    Here “example_wallet.bin” is the name of the wallet and “12345” is its password.

    The wallet will start synchronizing with the daemon automatically. Once finished, you will be prompted with your current balance:

    3.Start mining right from the wallet using “start_mining” command. The screenshot below contains wallet’s response:


    Daemon’s response:

    4. You can check your current hashrate by using “show_hr” command in daemon. The daemon will start showing your current hashrate (number of hashes generated per second). Use “hide_hr” command to make the daemon stop showing hashrate:


    5. To stop mining simply use “stop_mining” command either in daemon or in wallet:


    6. Do not forget to properly exit the daemon and wallet by using “exit” command: