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V. 6.1 – ETH mining on AMD cards


Version 6.1 of our GUI miner is released. New functionality has been added for AMD cards: now you can mine Ethereum if your card supports OpenCL 1.1 or later and all the CryptoNote coins with OpenCL starting from 1.2. Check all the improvements we’ve made in this post!

New possibilities for your AMD cards


Ethereum mining

MinerGate has recently released the feature of Ethereum mining for CPUs and NVidia GPUs. Now AMD cards are joining in!  If your card supports OpenCL 1.1 and later and has more than 2 GB RAM, just choose the desired intensity and start making profit with one of the leading cryptocurrencies.

What’s more, now you can easily connect 2 cards of different brands to reach the maximum capacity for your hardware. Create your mining rig with multiple cards based on our convenient GUI miner and manage the mining capacity straight from the app.

If you prefer console interface, don’t miss our guide for mining on MinerGate with official Ethereum client ethminer.


Nvidia and AMD cards


CryptoNote on OpenCL 1.2

What’s more, now you can mine CryptoNote coins with AMD cards that support OpenCL 1.2, which is a long awaited addition to our desktop application. The later models with OpenCL > 2.0 have been supported since version 5.08. MinerGate opens more possibilities for your hardware.

Get the suitable version of our GUI miner for your system on the Downloads page.

What’s new

  • Ethereum mining for AMD cards with OpenCL > 1.1.
  • Mining of all CryptoNote coins for AMD with OpenCL > 1.2.
  • minergate.ini file contains parameters for additional card settings.
  • Ethereum withdrawal amount bug fixed.
  • Achievements design improved.
  • Minor bugfixes.
Rating: 2


Hello, thank you for the report. We are looking into the problems with MinerGate on Mac, doing our best to resolve it in the next version of the miner.

cpu works great but whenever i start up gpu it crashes. cpu is AMD A12-9740
gpu is radeon r7 integrated graphics. I checked and they support OpenCL 1.2 and Open GL 2

Rating: 3

GPU mining no longer works for any coins on my MSI GE72 2QE Apache laptop running Windows 10. GPU is GTX965m

Also BSOD on Windows 10 on my custom built desktop, Intel i7 4790k and GTX 970 gpu with 32gb RAM. Happens consistently when I install and start Minergate v6.0 or v6.1. Puts computer into restart loop until I start Windows in safe mode and uninstall Minergate.

Love the software when it works and keep up the good work.

Hello! Thank you for the reported issue, we will be resolving this in the upcoming releases. Sorry it is causing you inconvenience!

please help with the support of pascal cards. system not mining with gpu (cannot start) on gtx1080

Hi, v6.1 is mining with my fiji nvidia Card at around 15-18 MH/s, but on
Web Interface its only showing CPU Minig Power (~500 KH/s) or OFFLINE when I turn CPU Mining off while GPU Mining still at 15-18 MH/s.

Hello! Thank you, the bug has been reported by some of our clients, we will make sure to fix it in the next release.

My AMD R9 390 doesn’t pull in any good shares. It will hash at 21m h/s for ethereum but doesn’t do anything. All work is being done by CPU
drivers up to date too

v6.1 on windows 7 64bit

Please help

Hello! We are sorry to hear this. Try deleting the DAG file and restarting ETH mining. Please report the issue to support@minergate.com if it doesn’t help.
The DAG file can be found in the folder C:\Users\\AppData\Local\Ethash on Windows.

MinerGate 6.1 crashes, when trying to mine on GPU Radeon R9 270x on Win7 64 bit.

Hello, thank you for reporting the problem! We will have crash reports in the next version of our application in order to check and fix it.

After login . it came up with the info Minergate has stopped working. I’m using windows 8 with AMD and RADEON

Hello, we will be able to check and fix it by the release of the next version of our app.

I am having an issue of returning only bad shares with Ethereum. I ran it for approximately 8 hours on the desktop app at ~100 kH/s and it returned 2,282 bad shares and 0 good shares. Is 100 kH/s too slow?

Minergate doesn’t send ether mined with GPU (R9 380 4GB), just CPU updated on Webinterface. This also happens with console GPU mining. Mining with etherminer.exe is the same! This is a big issue guys!

mingerate-cli detected as malware by windows 10 and deleted. Could you please look into this issue! Thanks

MinerGate 6.1 crashes, when trying to mine on GPU AMD Radeon R9 380 on Win7 64 bits whith 16.3.2 “Crimson” . Report OpenCL.dll module error.

Hi I can mine cpu for etherium and I have a nvidia GTX 670MX card that hasn’t set up with MinerGate for mining, though I know it’s possible because GUIMiner works with it. Please help set me up with GPU mining for eth or any other crypto currency. Running Windows 7. Thanks. 🙂

After around 5 minutes of XMR GPU mining, the miner stopped. Checked the log and found this:

[21.06.2016 16:10] [ info] GPU: Initializing Cryptonote CUDA miner…
[21.06.2016 16:10] [error] GPU: cudaMemGetInfo error: all CUDA-capable devices are busy or unavailable
[21.06.2016 16:10] [error] GPU: 1:all CUDA-capable devices are busy or unavailable

What happened and how can I fix this? Thanks.

Hello, thank you for reporting, we have transferred this issue to the developers and will be solving it in one of our next updates.

Hi, I have a new RX480 GPU and Minergate 6.2. I’m trying to mine ETH. The GPU mining shows 19.5 MH/s but the ‘last’ shares is showing NEVER. Only CPU is working (but obviously slowly). I’ve deleted the DAG and same issue. I Also note that looking at the dashboard it isn’t showing ANY activity on the YOU H/S section, even though the GPU is working and the ETH area is green. Please help. Thank!

I have the same problem. I also have a new RX480 GPU and Minergate 6.4. I’m trying to mine ETH. The GPU mining shows 19.5 MH/s but the ‘last’ shares is showing NEVER. Only CPU is working (but obviously slowly). I’ve deleted the DAG and same issue. I Also note that looking at the dashboard it isn’t showing ANY activity on the YOU H/S section, even though the GPU is working and the ETH area is green. Please help. Thank!

Minergate crashes everytime i try to mine with my gpu (I have a AMD Radeon R5-235 2gb gpu) and when i try to mine any other currency with gpu it just doesnt work.. But with ETH it crashes, following an CMD screen that is blank. And then “shutdown”

Is this a normal issue?

Rating: 2

Hi, my GPU won’t work with the Windows 10 Minergate GUI.

I’m using a PowerColor AMD 250 2GB DDR3 graphics card.

CPU works fine.

Please help!

Hello! Windows 10 has new drivers, which sometimes can be in conflict with the card if you use it for mining. An advice we can give is to downgrade the drivers of your GPU.

im running mac pro 2011 with AMD Radeon HD 6490M. but minegate isn’t detecting the GPU and runs only with the CPU. how to get this running on the GPU instead?

I am running Win 10 with GTX 980ti and I can only mine with CPU. The GPU is showing this in the log file:
GPU: cudaMemGetInfo error: all CUDA-capable devices are busy or unavailable
GPU: 1:all CUDA-capable devices are busy or unavailable

Rating: 1

Currently we need to run additional tests for some models of NVidia cards, as there may be compatibility issues on our application. We can contact you to ask for your help with testing when we have the beta version of the software. Please address to our support if you are interested http://icoblack46.bitcoins-free.ru/support

Till then, please consider using alternative miners http://icoblack46.bitcoins-free.ru/altminers/ethminer to connect to our pool.

I’m not that much of a online reader to be honest but your blogs really nice, keep
it up! I’ll go ahead and bookmark your site to come back later.
Many thanks